online Tafseer classes

online Tafseer classes

Reciting the Quran is beautiful, but it is even more wonderful when we read it and comprehend its message. These concepts can only be understood by understanding the tafsir of the Quran. Studying Tafseer can be challenging for many Muslims, especially for those who do not know Arabic, without a qualified instructor. Another problem one may face is the availability of certified Tafseer teachers.

Baynnat  Academy has solved your problem! Our online Tafseer classes will dive into the meaning and interpretation of the Quran. Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding and connection to the text for all students, regardless of their level of prior knowledge or familiarity with the Quran. We are excited to embark on this journey of learning and growth together, and we look forward to exploring the wisdom and guidance of the Quran with you. We have certified and experienced Tafseer tutors who can render the right knowledge to you!

Indeed, Muslims who struggle to understand the meaning of scriptures frequently seek online Tafseer instruction. They are unable to completely comprehend the meaning of the Quranic verses and the message that Allah is trying to convey to us through them because of the linguistic barrier. But now you don’t need to worry. The online Tafseer course is the finest course for you if you wish to have a thorough understanding of your Deen, Islamic principles, fascinating Islamic history, and the significance of the verses even if you are in a non-Islamic part of the world.

Tafseer Quran is the interpretation and explanation of the Holy Quran. It involves analyzing the meanings of the text, as well as its historical and cultural context, to understand the message and teachings of the Quran. Tafseer can be done by scholars, imams, and other experts in Islamic studies. Also, it  can be based on various methodologies and approaches. The goal of Tafseer is to provide a deeper understanding of the Quran and its teachings and to help Muslims apply its guidance in their daily lives. Isn’t it very important for all Muslims to learn Tafseer and gain a deeper understanding?

The word Tafsir is derived from the Arabic
term “Fassara,” meaning “expounding, clarification, and

Tafsir is an explanation of the holy Quran or
in right sense, the word’s of Allah. Tafsir is an Islamic science that is
related to the revelation of the Quran and is based on the interpretation of
verse meanings. As it is an interpretation and explanation, you can find books
of many notable scholars on Tafsir of the Quran.

This understanding of Tafsir’s meaning will
benefit while reading Tafsir and its various aspects. 

online Tafseer classes

This course focuses on studying the Quran’s explanation and interpretation, as well as how to apply it in daily life according to Islamic principles. Tafseer Course helps students to learn Islamic teachings by improving their understanding of:

  • Worship.
  • Islamic History.
  • Fiqh.
  • Sunnah.
  • Aqeedah.
  • the Life of Prophets.
  • Linguistics.
  • Theology.
  • Orders and Prohibitions.
  • Halal and Haram.

Baynnat Academy has prepared this course exclusively for English speakers or non-Arabic speakers living in non-Muslim nations around the world. Muslims may reside in various places of the world, yet nothing can diminish their devotion to Allah and the Holy Quran.

If you want to strengthen your connection with Allah’s message, this course is for you. We give qualified teachers who will not only help you master the Tafseer of the Quran but will also help you connect your life to the Holy Quran.


  1. Beginner’s level: Study the Tafseer of small Surahs or the Surah of your choices.
  2. Intermediate level: study Tafseer of small Surahs and the selective long Surah such as Surah Baqarah, Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman, Surah Mulk, etc.
  3. Advanced level: Study the Tafseer of the entire Quran and gain lots of rewards and goodness.
online Tafseer classes

The importance of Tafseer is immeasurable. Online Tafseer classes help you in knowing the Importance of Tafseer as well as learning it efficiently.

  1. Tafseer helps to clarify the meaning of the Quran and its teachings, making it easier for readers to grasp and apply the Quran’s lessons in their lives.
  2. Tafseer helps us in knowing history. Tafseer gives context for the Quran’s teachings, including the cultural and historical setting in which they were revealed. This allows readers to better appreciate the Quran’s teachings in the context of when it was revealed.
  3. Tafseer can reveal deeper meanings and insights that may not be immediately apparent from reading the Quran on its own.
  4. Tafseer can provide guidance and inspiration for readers seeking to apply the Quran’s teachings in their daily lives.
  5. Tafseer helps to appreciate the beauty of the Quran, by showing the intricate connections between different verses, the literary excellence, and the relevance of the Quran to our daily lives. So, learn Quran with Tafseer and start your online classes now!
online Tafseer classes
  • We have certified Tafseer tutors.

Our highly qualified tutors deliver the Online Tafseer classes in English making it available globally. Our online tutors have advanced degrees from prestigious Islamic universities such as Al-Azhar. Years of expertise in the industry have enabled them to educate with ease. They have received instruction from numerous scholars and have a thorough comprehension of the subject.

  • We have a unique way of teaching.

Along with Tafseer books, you can learn and enjoy through interactive Quizzes, videos, animation, and many other ways so that you learn about the Islamic history and context of Surahs

  • learn Quran with Tafseer online classes from your home and at your time.

One of the key ways we distinguish ourselves is that we attempt to make online learning as simple as possible for all students. We allow you to change your available hours at any time of day to meet your needs and learn from the comfort of your own home. You can learn with us while continuing with your usual activities.

  • Availability of free trial classes.

Our free course trial allows you to evaluate the instructors, classroom setting, and course content before deciding whether to continue taking the courses. With our distinguished pupils and their guardians, we make things simple and straightforward.

  • You can customize your course.

We make studying enjoyable and simple with interactive sessions that include audio-video aids, presentations, and Tafseer books and materials, all of which are only available in the online Tafseer course. Our team is always here to help you with any questions you may have, and we value your comments, reviews, and feedback.

online Tafseer classes

With this Quran Tafseer course:

  • You can create a close relationship with the book of Allah.
  • To comprehend the meaning and interpretation of the course’s poems.
  • Tafseer can help you grasp and appreciate the reason, time, and cause of revelations in the online Quran.
  • To be able to translate the Surahs covered in class while remembering the root words.
  • To put Allah’s directives and the rules of this wonderful book into action in your life.
  • to be able to memorize the Quran more quickly and easily
  • To recite the Quran while considering its meaning and interpretation.
  • To cultivate a personality that draws others to our Deen.
online Tafseer classes

✓ Understanding of the Quran

✓ Interpretation of the Quran

✓ Understanding the history of Deen

✓ Developing a great personality in the light of Islam

✓ Preparation of perfect Quran recitation and Memorization

Learn Quran Tafseer online with us. Baynnat Academy strives to bring you something practical and useful to study under the assistance of our dignified and certified online Quran tutors who are working tirelessly to make our online Tafseer lessons beneficial.

Opt for the free trial Classes today!