Arabic courses for kids

Arabic courses for kids

Online Arabic courses for kids are specially designed for parents who want to teach their children Arabic. When a child knows Arabic, he or she can not only study the Quran in a better way but also understand it. They also understand the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) and preserve their Islamic traditions and identity. Kids also connect with their Arabic roots and communicate with relatives. Moreover, knowing Arabic simply exposes kids to new cultures that help in their personality development.

Families residing in non-Muslim nations confront the daily struggle of teaching Arabic to their children and making their Arabic literacy abilities strong. Unfortunately, there are some significant challenges that parents have when trying to discover an Arabic language education for their kids. The first and most critical issue is locating a decent, skilled native Arabic teacher at a reasonable price.

Baynnat Academy has solved your problem! Now, learn Arabic in the quickest and most successful manner from the certified and experienced tutor of our academy at affordable prices. Baynnat offers the best online Arabic classes for kids  that fit your child’s individual needs to grasp the Arabic language.

Arabic courses for kids

The Arabic courses for kids are mindfully designed and have a vast coverage. It helps your kid in developing:

  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding Quranic hadith

 The course consists of innovative teaching techniques and e-learning resources that are utilized by our Arabic tutors.The initial level of the Arabic course focuses on teaching the little ones about the alphabet in all of its variations. The advanced phase attempts to instruct the kid in the fundamentals of fluent reading, writing and speaking.

Students will be able to read and memorize the Quran after completing this course, as well as communicate fluently in Arabic. We make them well-versed with fundamental books like Noorani Qaida and Nour Al Bayan Books. Undoubtedly, these books are the most effective teaching tools utilized by non-native speakers of Arabic.

Arabic courses for kids

Through this course, the kids will get a complete understanding of Arabic letters, words, and sentences. They will learn to:

  • Recognize the letters.
  • Differentiate the letters and their phonetics, articulation, and pronunciation.
  • Read, write, and form words, compound words, and sentences in Arabic.
  • Understanding of basic elements of Arabic words.
  • Pronounce each letter using its Arabic diacritical marks (Tashkeel).
  • Learning of verbs, nouns, and pronouns.
  • Learn introductions, greetings, and salutations.
  • Learning generalized terms and topics.

Baynnat Academy has kept many levels in the Arabic courses for kids. We also have customized courses for students who want to focus on developing one skill. You can contact us anytime and get yourself a personalized handcrafted plan for the Arabic course online for kids.

Arabic courses for kids
  • We make learning effective from a young age.

According to research, a young mind is the best to be trained. Hence, we are always willing to accommodate extremely young students. Also, we offer online Arabic courses online specifically created to meet the needs of children and toddlers.

  • We have the best online Arabic tutors.

The most important aspect of what we have to offer is qualified and experienced tutors.  Our qualified native Arab instructors teach the children Arabic in the most engaging, enjoyable, and simple way possible. Moreover, your child learns from the best tutors that are not only native Arabic but also certified by Al-Azhar University.

  • We offer the facility of customizable plans.

We strive to make Arabic learning for children online as simple as possible. Hence, we allow you to make your schedule and change your available hours whenever it works best for you. We keep the course versatile, keeping in mind the unique needs of each student. This is one of the key ways that we set ourselves apart from the competition.

  • We are a hub of happy, fun, and enjoyable space.

At Baynnat Academy, we believe in having a light classroom environment where a child loves to learn. Hence, we create a positive environment with the help of our tutors and class activities that lets a kid enjoy effective learning.

  • Our distinct methodology of teaching.

We are not limited to the basic method of teaching. But we offer printable sheets for practice, videos, and audio to understand the letters and their phonetics, various animations, and presentations.

  • You get free trial classes!

We believe in transparency and that’s why we let our students experience the insights with our free trial class. You can enjoy and evaluate the classroom right from your home!

The duration depends on many factors such as:

  • Your previous knowledge of the subject.
  • Your future goal for the subject.
  • level of expertise that you want to achieve in the subject.
  • Number of Arabic classes per week/month.
  • Your plan under the Arabic course.

The age limit for kids’ Arabic online courses is: 4-15 years

Levels of the Arabic course:

  • Basic or Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • High or Advanced

Class type:

  • Group classes
  • One-on-one classes
  • Female tutor online Arabic classes for female students
Arabic courses for kids
  1. Your child will know how to read, write, and speak Arabic
  2. They can read and recite the Quran very easily
  3. Memorization of the Quran becomes easy for them
  4. Understanding the Quran becomes easy for them
  5. Their Quran recitation becomes beautiful as they can understand the distinctive features of each letter and word.
  6. They develop fluency in Arabic
  7. They can understand the generalized terms and topics of Arabic
  8. Reading books of hadith and other Islamic books becomes easy for them
  9. They can now advance to gaining Ijazah
  10. They can enjoy residing in Arab countries comfortably

Baynnat Academy is the online platform where you are looking to make your kids learn Arabic. We are not limited to basic online Arabic courses for the kids. But we believe in taking them to the zenith. Hence, we have versatile courses such as the Quran recitation, Memorization, and Ijazah course that help your child in accomplishing the goals.

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