Noorani Qaida Course

Arabic is the most important language for all of us. It is so because it is the language of our Holy Quran. We may not gain understanding of Arabic language throughout our lives but it is mandatory for us to be proficient in at least reading Arabic. Without it, we cannot recite the Holy Quran and it devoid us from serving the purpose of our lives.

Many beginners, converts, and non-native Arabs face the problem of not being able to recite the Quran in its correct form. Undoubtedly, learning the basics of Arabic is the first step towards the understanding of our Deen. And this can be achieved under the Noorani Qaida online course!

Many people are unable to find the best or native Arabic tutors for their kids or themselves. So they are bound to select local or non-Arabic tutors who may or may not be well versed with what they teach. But now, one is no longer restrained from learning from the best Quran tutors.

Baynnat Academy bears the responsibility to bring the best and native Arabic speaking tutors for you online. We give you the best so that you can achieve your goal easily in less time. You can sit in the opposite corner of the world but still learn from the native and well experienced tutors who earned their certification from Al-Azhar University!

You may question what is Noorani Qaida? Noorani Qaida, also known as “Qaida Noorania,” is a remarkable book that is widely used to teach beginners. Kids, adults, and converts can be benefited by it. Also, people who want to perfect their Recitation and Tajweed can take this course to learn properly from the basics.

Undoubtedly, the Noorani Qaida course is the most effective Fundamental Curriculum designed specifically for Beginners to study the Holy Quran’s recitation and memorization.

There are seventeen chapters in al qaida noorania book that allow the learner to master the Arabic alphabets, Arabic vocabulary, full Quranic verses, and Tajweed regulations. This method of learning Arabic is exceptionally simple for non-Arab students and kids. The book starts with letters and increases the complexity, making us able to read big and complex words with ease.

Noorani Qaida Course

The Holy Quran should be recited correctly as even a minor mistake in pronunciation can change the meaning of the whole Ayah (verse). There are many letters such as ق and ك which may sound similar but hold a great difference. And imagine how many times these letters are mentioned and if we are not well versed, we might pronounce them interchangeably. One should be very attentive and careful during Quran recitation and this is where Arabic Qaida helps you in smooth recitation.

Hence, Noorani Qaida online classes helps us in:

  • Developing clear understanding of letters
  • Correct pronunciation of the letters
  • Learning the difference in phonetic, articulation, and pronunciation of different words
  • Memorization of difficult words prior to actual Quran recitation
  • Learning the basics of Tajweed and its application

Every believing heart of non-Arabic speaking person aspires to understand the Quran while reciting it. Can you imagine how amazing it can be? If you also want to recite the Quran and you don’t know any basics of Arabic, then Noorani Qaida course is designed specially for you!

The course starts with basic and foundational learning of Arabic letters, their pronunciation, articulation, shape,  and phonetics. When the students become perfect, our exceptional tutors take them to next lessons that allow them to learn  position and recognition of letters, lengthening and soft lengthening, simple and compound words, short  and long vowels, basic Tajweed rules such as- Sukoon, Tanween,Shaddah, and Waqf Signs.

This course is best suitable for:

  • Kids generally aged 4 years old
  • non-Arabic speaking individuals who wants to correct their recitation
  • Converts
  • Individuals who aspire to learn to read and write Arabic
Noorani Qaida Course

We are recognised as one of the best online Quran academy because of our:

  • Highly experienced tutors.

All our teachers are Ijazah holders and they have gained it from Al-Azhar University. Our tutors make sure to create a learning environment so that students can learn efficiently in less time.

  • Our Noorani Qaida course is designed for all.

We have keenly designed the course so that everyone around the world can be benefited by it. Be it a child or adult. Our noorani qaida online classes have the potential to take you to a higher level so that you can learn Quran recitation, Memorization, and even gain Ijazah.

  • Learning form the bests and not even moving an inch.

Yes! You can access the noorani qaida online classes at home right from your mobile or computer screens. We also offer the facility to choose your timing and tutors.

  • Dedicated lecture delivery.

We deliver one-on-one as well as group classes so that our students can learn in an easy and fulfilling environment with full attention.

  • Learning Noorani Qaida Online in an affordable price.

We believe in making learning easy thus offering free trial classes for every student.

  • Our 100% support.

At Baynnat Academy we create a healthy environment that helps us all thrive like a single family. We are always available to extend our support and guidance to our esteemed learners.

We bring amazing features for you in this course. We not only teach with the Qaida noorania book but also use different technologies for effective learning.  Also, our well experienced tutors explain noorani qaida rules in english and its application in the Arabic text. Along with that our exceptional features are:

  • Learning with free noorani qaida with sound.
  • Facility of preformed slides, presentations, and animation to know about the letters, their mixing, and production of sounds.
  • Interactive games and videos for kids.
  • Learning through Quizzes.
  • Noorani Qaida practice through repeating sabaq.
Noorani Qaida Course

Qaida Noorani not only helps you in excelling Arabic but it also helps you in connecting with it. It is an enjoyable process that makes your Quran recitation blissful. By the end of this course, a student can:

✓ Recite the Quran on their own.

✓ Gain knowledge about Tajweed rules and noorani qaida rules.

✓ read and write Arabic easily.

✓ studying Modern Standard Arabic and Quranic Arabic (MSA) properly.

✓correctly pronouncing Quranic terms in verbal interactions and communications.

✓ understand the major and minor similarities and dissimilarities in Arabic letters and words.

✓ move onto the next step of Quran recitation, Memorization and gaining Ijazah.

Baynnat Academy brings the best to you in the form of different courses along with the best Noorani Qaida course online  that help us in excelling our recitation and Memorization skills along with gaining the better understanding of our Deen.

Get to know more about it through the free trial classes now!