Online Ijazah program

Online Ijazah program

The online Ijazah Course is designed for all the people who want to gain authority to teach the Quran to other people. Isn’t it the noblest thing? We know that an authentic Hadith states that the best people amongst Muslims are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others. So, it is the Ijazah course that aids us in becoming the best and closer to Allah.

This online Ijazah program is created to achieve Itqaan or perfections and it is specially designed for dedicated students of the Holy Quran with a continuous Sanad related to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). Students in this one-on-one online ijazah course learn difficult concepts in tajweed as well as Qirat through repetition and other techniques and methodologies. And by the end of this course, they can accomplish their goal of achieving Itqan in one of the Qirat of the Quran recitation.

Baynnat Academy can help you gain Ijazah in the most unique way. We make use of old as well as new tactics and techniques so that our students gain Ijazah in a fast and efficient manner. Our tutors with the highest sanad help you gain Ijazah most fruitfully.

Ijazah is a certificate or credential that grants the recipient the right to recite as well as teach the Quran in Tajweed to others. The purpose of Ijazah is to construct a chain of authorized transmitters that can be linked back to Prophet Mohammad (SAWS), then to the angel Jibraeel (R.A), and finally to the Almighty Allah, The Exhaled and The Original Author of our holy book.

Online Ijazah program

An Ijazah certificate is a mark of merit from a trained instructor to his student for being able to recite the Qur’an without errors and the eligibility to grant Ijazah to others after examination of their recitation. This tradition allows future generations to receive the Quran in its original form, as it was revealed to our beloved Prophet (SAWS), and to protect the Qur’an from changes and falsification. It is also the Quran’s highest level of reading perfection. Don’t we all want to attain this level of perfection?

Online Ijazah program

Students in online ijazah classes, master advanced concepts of the Quran recitation that include Qirat and Tajweed. This course provides the learner with an Ijazah certificate after several tests and evaluations throughout the course. Our excellent Ijazah tutors will lead you through the essentials of the Quran to the top level so that you become ready to teach the teachings of Allah (SWT) to others.


Ijazah certifications are only given to qualified students who are proficient in all aspects of Recitation as well as Memorization of the Quran. We do not issue Ijazah certifications until a student is capable of performing them in all forms. If the learner does not meet the eligibility conditions, he or she must retake the Quran course so that they can achieve perfection and become eligible to receive an Ijazah certificate online.

Online Ijazah program

There can two types of online Ijazah courses

  • Hifz Ijazah course or Ijazah in Quran Memorization.

Before opting for the Hifz Ijazah course or the Quran Memorization Ijazah Program, a student must either be a Hafiz or should have completed our Online Quran Memorization Course along with having a thorough understanding of Tajweed Rules.

  • Ijazah in Quran recitation or Tilawat (Tilawah).

A learner should have a firm understanding of Tajweed Rules along with being able to read and recite the Quran right from start to end without any minute error. Only then, a person can apply for this course.

Ijazah or Ijazah certificates can be gained easily in three steps!

  • Students must master Quran tajweed rules as well as Quran recitation rules.
  • Students will be required to recite the entire Quran in front of our eminent scholars and tutors.
  • Lastly, students will be inspected by experienced teachers who will determine whether or not the student is qualified to receive the Ijazah certificate.
Online Ijazah program

If you are a Beginner, Baynnat Academy can help you attain Ijazah right from the first step!

You can go step-by-step and enroll in the following course:

  1. Join Arabic courses to learn Arabic.
  2. Join Quran basic course.
  3. Enroll in the Quran recitation course.
  4. Enroll in the Quran Memorization course.
  5. Master Tajweed with online Tajweed course.
  6. Join the Ijazah course online.

The 10 Qirats are:

  1. Nafiʽ Al-Madani (Madinah).
  2. Ibn Kathir Al-Makki (Makkah).
  3. Abu Amr Al-Basri (Basra).
  4. Ibn Amir Ad-Dimashqi (Syria).
  5. Aasim Ibn Abi Al-Najud (Kufa).
  6. Hamzah Az-Zayyat (Kufa).
  7. Al-Kisa’i (Kufa).
  8. Abu Jaafar Al-Madani (Madinah).
  9. Yaqub Al-Hadrami (Basra).
  10. Khalaf Ibn Hisham (Baghdad).
 Ijazah course
  • We have highly qualified Quran tutors online who have Ijazah from the highest sanad.

Our tutors graduated from well-known Islamic universities such as T. Years of experience in this field have allowed them to refine their art of teaching. Our local Arab tutors are fluent in English and run the courses with the utmost professionalism. They have learned from various scholars and have a solid understanding of this subject. They pass a few well-crafted tests. As a result, after numerous trials, they are selected to tutor our students.

  • Free assessment classes and evaluation.

We offer free assessment classes online so that we can assess the level of students and assign them the course or level according to their needs. These free trial classes also help our students and guardians to get knowledge about the healthy environment of our online Quran Academy as well as help in getting acquainted with the tutors. It is a kind of free Ijazah course trial class that benefits all!

  • Learning from step one is very easy.

Even if you don’t know Arabic but have a strong desire to learn it, know the Quran recitation, memorize it, and gain Ijazah, we will be there for you! We make sure you move up the ladder of gaining Ijazah step-by-step and master all the essentials such as Tajweed rules to make this process effective and successful.

  • Get Ijazah from prominent scholars right from your home.

One of the primary things that set us apart is that we strive to make online learning as easy as possible for you and your family. We allow you to establish your timings and alter your available hours at any time of day to fit your needs and learn from home.

  • In-depth knowledge of Arabic and Tajweed.
  • Tajweed rules application.
  • Fluent and error-free Quran recitation by heart.
  • Complete Quran Memorization by heart.
  • Ability to recite it completely to the tutor or instructor.
Online Ijazah program

Once you gain Ijazah, you acquire the honor to teach the Quran to others. The Ijazah certificate makes you

  • mastering the Tajweed rules.
  • attain perfection in Quran recitation.
  • Memorization of the Quran by heart.
  • Ability to teach the Quran to others.

Baynnat Academy makes it easy for you to attain the Ijazah and perfect your Quran recitation skills so that you receive its benefits in this world as well as Hereafter.

Opt for the free trial classes today!