Quran Memorization course

Quran Memorization course

We have come up with the best solution through our online Quran memorization course. Now, you can memorize the Quran from the best tutors in the world, sitting right at your home! Also, you don’t need to disturb your schedule as you now choose your timings!

Our online Quran memorization classes are the ideal initial step towards attaining your goal of lifetime memory of the Quran. We help you accomplish your goal of becoming a Hafiz of the Quran. And also help you in memorizing a few brief surahs so that you can repeat them in your prayers. With us, you can memorize the whole Quran or a few chapters (Surahs) in the best possible ways.

This Quran Memorization Online Course has been created for kids and adults who want to memorize the entire Quran or just a portion of it to reach Perfection. We organize one-on-one sessions or group Online Memorization Classes with the assistance of Certified Quran Tutors who are graduates of Prestigious Islamic Universities such as Al-Azhar University.

Quran Memorization course

Our Quran memorization program is filled with all the details and learning materials that will make you memorize the Quran in the most simple, easy, and fast way. We make sure that you learn from the vastly experienced tutors so that they can pick your weak points and help you in mastering them with utmost ease. Our course structure is designed in such a way that it leads you to memorize the Quran that stays in your mind for the longest time.

Quran Memorization course

We have made this course customizable for all our students and brought an easy way to memorize the Quran. Under this course, you can:

  • Memorize the last juz or Amma para of the Quran.
  • Memorize small Surahs of the Quran.
  • Memorize Surahs of your desire.
  • hifz whole of the Quran.

Baynnat Academy has made it easy for you to reach out to us anytime and get yourself a customized study plan as per your needs.

The Duration to memorize the Quran online will depend upon your desire to learn. For instance, Memorization of the whole Quran may take 2 to 5 years as per your class frequency. Whereas, learning specific Surahs will require less time but still depends on the number of classes and time allotment.

This Quran memorization class will benefit everyone who wants to memorize the Quran and have reading and writing abilities in Arabic or recitation skills. If you don’t have Basic knowledge of Arabic, do not worry. Our various courses help you gain knowledge of it and consolidate your Recitation and move on to the next step of Memorization.

Quran Memorization course

This course is not an ordinary learning course. It is a special one as it helps in gaining the greatest rewards. So, to make it extra effective, we have made it interactive with various Quran memorization methods.  

  • Quran Memorization is made easy with the use of technology and versatile techniques.

Our skype and Zoom classes are filled with slides, presentations, and flowcharts that help you gain in-depth knowledge in the simplest form. So learn today with the best Quran memorization teacher!

  • We test your learning to make it effective.

We organize frequent tests and also aid in revision classes so that you do not forget previous lessons. Quran memorization courses online also make tests fun and engaging by use of quizzes, puzzles, and other games. We make sure that you Hifz the Quran in the real way.

  • We believe in rewarding to motivate our students.

We offer badges to our students on weekly tests and also reward them with a Quran memorization certificate when they complete the course. We do so to keep them motivated to do better and better and improve their learning capacity.

  • We make practice fun and easy.

We facilitate our students with free printable worksheets, easy notes, and discussions so that they can practice more and more to attain the best results for themselves and Memorize the Quran efficiently.

Quran Memorization course

Baynnat Academy is just like a Quran memorization school that is brought online for you! We make no compromise in the quality of our course or the abilities of our tutors as we select the best ones!

  • We have the best Quran tutors online.

Our worthy teachers make Quran Memorization online really simple for all the students. They have decades of experience and they are Ijazah holders too. On top of it, our strict and meticulous selection process brings only the best ones to the Baynnat Academy family and teaches the Quran globally.

  • Memorize the Quran at your home and according to your schedule.

Now you don’t need to make a Quran memorization schedule or travel to achieve your goal. Learn from your home and under your preferred timings. The facility of learning online from the best not only helps you in quick learning but also carries out your daily activities without disturbing them.

  • We made the Memorization of the Quran affordable for everyone.

Indeed, memorizing Quran rewards cannot be measured. Hence, All students who are interested in memorizing and to Hifz the Holy Quran are welcome to take advantage of our goal of providing unparalleled online Quran teaching services at reasonable subscription costs. Our Quran Memorization classes online are a far more economical and dependable option. Be it in terms of learning and cost, when compared to other educational institutions.

  • We provide free Quran memorization online trial classes.

To help all of our new students get allotted to the course that is best suited to their level, we provide two free classes. It has two advantages.

  1. You can assess the environment and teaching methodologies of our tutors.
  2. Our tutors can evaluate your prior knowledge and suggest the best suitable course or level for you.

Baynnat Academy provides a variety of course levels, ranging from foundational lessons to direct recitation and memorization and Hifz classes. It depends on the learner’s level of Arabic and Quran, which will be evaluated in advance during the first two sessions.

  • Fully dedicated Quran Memorization sessions online through one-on-one learning.

We established a one-on-one Online Quran Memorization Program so that our tutors can give each student the attention they need. It also ensures an engaging, successful, and productive learning experience. Also, there’s a facility to learn in a group for the students who desire so.

Quran Memorization course
  • Memorization of the Quran (Hifz al-Quran).
  • Memorization of specific Surah, or Juz.
  • Memorization of Juz 30 or Amma para to improve their Salah.
  • Learning about the Tajweed rules.
  • Learning about pronunciation and articulation of each letter.
  • Ikhfaa.
  • Idghaam.
  • Iqlab.
  • Ghunna.
  • Qalqala.
  • Makharij.
  • rules of Waqf.
Quran Memorization course

Baynnat Academy has brought the best online Quran memorization by the end of the course:

  • You memorize the Quran or a part of the Quran.
  • You can apply to gain Ijaza and also teach others.
  • You improve your Salah.
  • You can recite the Quran anytime that you want.
  • You can motivate others to memorize the Quran.
  • You receive innumerable benefits in this world and hereafter.
  • You can understand our Deen more efficiently.
  • You can be a better version of yourself as it is mentioned in Hadith of Sahih al-Sahih al-Bukhari 5027 that the best are the ones who learn the Quran and teach it to others.

You might have searched for a Quran memorization school near me but may not have got the desired results. But at Baynnat Academy, we have got all your lists checked. Memorize the Quran or become Hafiz by doing Hifz of the Quran in an amazing environment and learn from the best and native Arabic tutors to learn in the best possible way!

Opt for the trial classes today and know all about it!