Modern Standard Arabic course

Modern Standard Arabic course

Arabic is an important language for all Muslims and converts. Knowing Arabic makes it easy for us to dwell in Arab countries as well as get a better understanding of our religion. Modern Standard Arabic course is the best course to learn Arabic in order to gain the ability to understand it through reading and writing without any difficulty.

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This course has been specially designed under the direction of knowledgeable scholars for adults and older kids who desire to be fluent in Arabic. It helps you attain a mastery level of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing by successfully finishing all levels of this course.

You might wonder how Modern standard Arabic is different from Arabic. Is it different from the Quranic Arabic? The way that MSA and Quranic Arabic are presented differs from one another. While MSA is more widely spoken, Quranic (classical) Arabic is more frequently used in literature and writing. With a few small exceptions, both are comparable.

(MSA) is the most popular dialect of Arabic now used in Arabic-speaking nations. Almost all forms of media, including TV, movies, newspapers, and radio broadcasts, employ MSA. Politicians speak MSA in speeches and debates and most books are written in MSA. Al-Arabiyah and Al-Fusha are further names for Modern Standard Arabic.

As Muslims, it is our duty to know, understand, and act upon the guidance that is bestowed upon us through the Quran and Sunnah. We also need to gain knowledge through various books that are available to us in Modern Standard Arabic. Hence, knowing MSA has become an important factor for all of us. Also, it is a great way to know about Arab culture and to blend in if we are planning to settle in Arab countries. Modern Standard Arabic gives us the power to converse and reach out to new and different people through our Arabic-speaking countries.

Modern Standard Arabic course

The primary goal of the Modern Standard Arabic course is to familiarize you with Modern Standard Arabic, which will aid in your understanding of the Quran, the Sunnah, and the entirety of Islamic and Arabic traditions, including media, business, and formal language.

To ensure that students have a thorough understanding of the language, the Modern Standard Arabic Online Course concentrates on teaching the structure and use of the language before moving on to reading, writing, and speaking activities. This is done by studying everyday scenarios, such as identifying objects, everyday conversations, and interactions, and learning about Arabic customs, laws, food, clothes, and other habits.


The course has three levels that are- Beginners, Elementary, and Intermediate. All the levels are designed keeping in mind the needs of every student and to promote effective ways of learning.

The Modern Standard Arabic beginner teaches a student about:

  • Greetings and salutations
  • Colors
  • numbers
  • hues
  • Inanimate objects
  • Food
  • beverages
  • Animals and plants
  • and basic language structure.

Elementary modern standard Arabic comprises of:

  • Day-to-day conversations
  • shopping
  • Traveling and eating out
  • requesting
  • bearings

Intermediate level of Msa Arabic lessons comprises of:

  • Job interviews
  • occasions
  • Relationships
  • culture
  • news
  • Media
  • Emotions
  • And advanced knowledge


The duration of the course depends on the number of Modern Standard Arabic classes online, the learner’s capacity, and the desire to Modern standard Arabic basics or advanced level.

Modern Standard Arabic course
  • We have the best MSA tutors online

Our excellent tutors have degrees from renowned Islamic universities such as Al-Azhar University. Years of work in the industry have helped them refine their way of teaching. Also, they are strictly professional, motivating, and well-versed in English. They have acquired knowledge from numerous academics and possess a solid understanding of this field.

  • Our unique and interactive way of teaching

We go the extra mile and help our students Learn Modern Standard Arabic online in the most creative way. We make use of slides, presentations, games, quizzes, and more for effective and deep learning. We also present the reward of excellence to students and encourage them to do the best of their capabilities.

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We offer free trial classes before you start the course. We keep full transparency in our methodologies, class environment, and delivery of lectures through zoom or skype so that the students can get insights before enrolling in any course.

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Modern Standard Arabic course

Our Modern standard Arabic tutors focus on teaching the MSA in such a way that you can master:

  • Read, write, and speak Arabic with Arabs
  • Modern Standard Arabic alphabet
  • Modern standard Arabic alphabet pronunciation
  • Modern Standard Arabic numbers
  • Conversations that include interaction in school, university, restaurants, hotels, cafes, sports, and more
  • Basic modern standard Arabic phrases
  • Expression of opinions
  • Read and recite Arabic books, magazines, and newspaper
Modern Standard Arabic course

We offer the Best way to learn Modern Standard Arabic so that you can be the best at it! We make sure that the goal of this course is fulfilled as you:

  • Enjoy speaking MSA
  • Your dwelling in Arab countries is made easy
  • You can read Islamic books, and non-Islamic books in Arabic including poems, prose, and stories to gain knowledge
  • You can freely discuss any topic and express yourself
  • You connect with Arabic language and speakers in the true sense

Baynnat Academy offers the Best modern standard Arabic course online to everyone irrespective of where you are! Learn from our expert tutors and enjoy speaking and understanding Modern Standard Arabic.

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