Quran recitation course

Quran recitation course

Recitation of the Quran daily is an important part of our lives. Moreover, a correct recitation is also mandatory.

You can accomplish this and recite the Quran in a relatively short period of time with the help of our online Quran recitation course.

Our excellent tutors will focus on your recitation exclusively in this course. As a result, you will learn to recite the Quran while adhering to its guidelines and acquiring the proper pronunciation of the Arabic letters. By the end of the course, the learner will be able to apply the Tajweed guidelines to read the Quran with ease and beauty while maintaining proper Arabic pronunciation.

 One can always join our Quran recitation classes online to learn to read the Quran with Tajweed, regardless of age or level. Baynnat Academy has made sure that the course is beneficial to each and every student irrespective of their differences. Our dedication will help you achieve your goal in no time!

We all know that our Holy Quran is not an ordinary book. It has its own rules, etiquette, and manners that we all should follow. It has many blessings and guidance for us. Now imagine reciting it improperly or incorrectly. Wouldn’t it be a grave sin? Also, the proper recitation of the Quran is necessary as the reward of the prayer is insufficient without doing so. Therefore, it is crucial to recite the Quran according to tajweed guidelines so that we can earn many rewards.

The correct recitation of the Quran is necessary as:

  • Correct Quran recitation helps in gaining rewards and blessings.
  • The process of learning itself makes us gain more rewards.
  • Quran recitation in Salah (prayers) should be done properly.
  • Quran recitation on daily basis should be done in the proper manner.
  • Incorrect Quran recitation changes the meaning of the Ayah mistakenly.

Our online Quran recitation tutors make sure you master your Quran recitation. Thus, we focus on phonetics, pronunciation, and even the speeds of Quran recitation by our learners.

Quran recitation course

There are times when we listen to certain recitations of the Quran and instantly connect with it. At Baynnat Academy, we make sure that you build the same bond with your own Quran recitation and help others also to connect with it completely.

We make sure that both adults and children benefit from the Quran recitation online course. Through online Zoom or Skype lectures, students can take this versatile course and learn about the norms of Tajweed and how they apply them to read the Quran. This set of courses aims to raise the student to a level where he can fully master Quran recitation under the guidance of Quran and Tajweed teachers with vast experience.

This course is divided into Basic and Advanced level

  • Basic level

Under this level, students gain all the basic knowledge of Tajweed through basic exercises. They recognize and apply rules that are taught to them in words and small sentences.

  • Advanced level

At this level, students apply the Tajweed rules to the Surahs of the Quran. Our teachers put emphasis on listening to the Quran recitation of students and correcting them on every minute point. Under this course, we focus on the full recitation of the Quran. 


The duration of the course depends on the level, desire of students to learn basic or entire Recitation of the Quran, and capacity of students.

This Quran recitation training helps you in excelling your recitation skills to an unimaginable extent. With us, you learn about

  • Basics of the Quran with experienced Quran tutors online who also hold Ijaza.
  • Learn with the help of animations, games, presentations, and different audio and videos.
  • Get in-depth knowledge of pronunciation and phonetics and learn from the native Arabic-speaking tutors.
  • Learn with repetition, quizzes, puzzles, matching pairs, and interactive techniques that help you retain the rules of the Quran recitation effectively.
  • Learn the Quran recitation of specific Surah or Juz at your convenience.
  • Connecting with the holy Quran and receiving its benefits in a profound manner.
Quran recitation course

Baynnat Academy offers you the best course and provides an easy way to learn Quran Recitation perfectly. We have:

  • Excellent and experienced Quran tutors online who are carefully selected.

Before being selected to teach Quran learners, our tutors undergo a strict evaluation. We make sure that our teachers are highly qualified, and the majority of them hold degrees from Al-Azhar University which is one of the most esteemed institutions in the Islamic world. Additionally, they possess an Ijazah, which is a certificate proving one has received permission from a higher power to learn Tajweed from qualified Sheikhs and scholars in Egypt.

  • We make sure you know about your learning process and progress.

Our Quran tutors will evaluate and send you weekly and monthly reports that are compared to previous ones.  Your progress and performance will always be tracked and evaluated. Our highly knowledgeable Quran tutors are devoted to supporting you in achieving your objectives. They will encourage and mentor you wholeheartedly as you learn.

  • The facility of trial classes that are completely free.

We let you take a free online Quran recitation course for 2 classes so that you can get to know about the course and get its details. With us, you can also customize the Quran recitation classes and help yourself to learn the specific parts of our Noble Book

  • We bring the most affordable way of learning the Quran recitation.

We strive to provide all students seeking the proper recitation of the Quran with the best Quran teachers, unmatched online Quran teaching services, and inexpensive subscription fees. Our online Quran classes are a far more cost-effective and dependable alternative to other institutions and facilities that charge students a significant amount of money for their classes, both in terms of learning and cost.

  • Learning effectively from the comfort of your home and at your time and schedule

How many times have you searched for Quran recitation classes near me? And did you succeed in finding the best one? Well, it is truly hard to find the best tutors if you are living in non-Arabic countries. Hence, Baynnat we bring the best tutors to you that help you in reaching your goal from your home and without disturbing your schedule.

Quran recitation course

You will learn about:

  • Basic rules of Tajweed
  • Advanced rules of Tajweed
  • Knowledge about Noon and Meem Mushaddad, Qalqalah, Heavy and light letters, Al-Isti‘aatha & Al-Basmalah
  • Know the rules of Noon Saakin and Tanween, Meem Sakinah
  • Types of Madd
  • Makharij
  • Sifaat
  • Waqf
Quran recitation course

Once you master this course, you can easily

  • Recite the Quran with the correct pronunciation.
  • Move on to the next step of Memorization of the Quran.
  • Know and apply the different rules of Tajweed.
  • Gain through knowledge of pause, stop, and continue.
  • Consolidate your Recitation skills.

Baynnat Academy has brought to you the perfect course that will not only make your base strong but also help you in fast and easy memorization of the Quran.

So, opt for the trial classes today!