New Muslim Convert Course

New Muslim Convert Course

Are you a new Muslim or convert who is looking to connect with the Quran and receive more enlightenment?

Then, a new Muslim convert Quran course will help you achieve your goal! Baynnat Academy is an online platform that can help you learn effectively with the help of excellent tutors, a happy class environment, and a supportive staff that can make your journey amazing.

Indeed, Islam is considered a way of life for many Muslims, and it is believed to provide guidance and purpose in all aspects of life. And how wonderful is Islam for all the converts and new Muslims! Gaining Hidayah from Allah amidst all hassle in our lives is indeed a soothing wind. And If one understands the truthfulness of Islam and becomes a new Muslim, he/she has taken the first step toward Allah and Paradise. However, accepting Islam is not enough. following the rules and regulations is also essential.

For new Muslims or converts, Islam can be particularly important as it provides a sense of community and belonging. It also gives a new vision to converts who see the world under the guidance of the Quran. Additionally, the principles and values of Islam, such as compassion, justice, and humility, can be deeply meaningful for individuals seeking spiritual fulfillment or a moral compass. It’s also a source of guidance and peace for many people in the world and it’s a way of connecting to a higher power.

New Muslim Convert Course

This course covers a wide range of Islamic aspects. In this course, you will learn the essential beliefs and traditions of Islam. In addition, you will be studying with other reverts. You are welcome to share your experiences, and any queries you may have will not be condemned. After completing this course, you will have all of the information you need to start your new life, as well as the foundation to continue your education.

It helps new Muslim converts to know deeply about:

 ✓ Islamic science, teachings, and principles

✓ basics of Quran and Sunnah


✓ Sawm

✓ Zakah

✓ Hajj


✓ Hadith

✓ Sirah

✓ Fiqh

✓ Tafseer

✓ Jihad

✓ Ethics and manners

✓ Islamic society- its norms and requirements

✓ complete understanding of Islam

This course will act as a new Muslim guide for both kids and adults. Indeed, a vast majority of New Muslims are very happy from the moment they announce the Shahadah, but they lack knowledge of how to do acts of worship and compulsory deeds. Hence, one must first convert and then do his or her best to learn and grasp the fundamentals and pillars of Islam correctly. This will help them in being great Muslims and be connected to Allah through the Quran and Sunnah.

Are you amongst the new converts to Islam?

Then opt for this amazing course by Baynnat  Academy and learn from the best tutors by sitting anywhere around the world!

Converting to Islam is enlightenment. However, this is not an easy task. Muslim Reverts must confront the beliefs they’ve held their entire lives, and the road is not easy. However, reciting the Shahada is not the end of a Revert’s journey; rather, it is the beginning of a new life. And once the Reverts take that first step, many more follow. There will be hardships as a New Muslim, even after you have adjusted to your new faith. You only need to remember that Allah is with you at every step and every struggle.

An effective course is most important for reverts and new Muslims because:

  • It helps them in knowing deeply about the Islam.
  • It helps them in gaining knowledge about the rights and wrongs of the Deen.
  • It acts as a new Muslim convert guide that keeps them on the right path.
  • It helps them in being connected to Allah.
  • It helps them in being able to perform Salah, Saum, Hajj, umrah, and other essentials of Islam.
  • Knowing about the rich history of Islam.
new muslim convert
  • We have excellent tutors online who will understand your needs.

Our excellent and experienced tutors understand your areas of difficulty like no other. They focus on your weak points and make them perfect. They are fluent in English along with being native Arabic speakers. Hence, they keep communication easy and convenient. With us, you learn the complex aspects also with utmost ease.

  • Learn from the best and right from your homes.

We believe in your convenience without compromising quality. Hence, our online courses can be taken from anywhere and at any time, making it easy for new converts to fit learning about Islam into their busy schedules. New Muslim e-learning is made easy as we take classes through zoom and skype along with allowing new converts to start with basic concepts and progress at their own pace.

  • Exclusively designed course to benefit New Muslim convert.

Our course is exclusively designed for new Muslims, meaning we start from the basic comfort level of our students. We progress in such a way that when they complete this course, they possess a deep knowledge of our beloved Deen and live their lives according to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. We also teach through audio-visual teaching techniques, worksheets, puzzles, and games so that you can learn effectively.

  • We are always available!

We support new Muslims 24×7. We exhibit all the qualities that are promoted by our religion. Hence, you can always contact us regarding any queries or questions and we will help you anytime and anywhere. Also, we have designed this course in such a way that you learn each and everything at the most affordable fee.

  • Availability of free classes.

We provide free trials of new Muslim classes so that our students can know about the course, teachers, and environment deeply. And we leave the decision up to you after these classes.

New Muslim Convert Course
  • An Introduction to Islam.
  • Belief in Islam.
  • Islamic Worship.
  • Islamic Protocol.
  • Islamic morality.
  • Shirk and its Subtypes.
  • Sincerity in Worship.
  • Jihad and Its Varieties.
  • The Five Islamic Pillars.
  • The Quran for converts.
  • Importance of certain Surahs.
  • Dhikr and Azkar.
  • The Halal and Haram Concepts.
  • Islamic Social Organization.
  • Signs of Final Day (Judgement Day).
  • Sirat-un-Nabior The Prophet’s Biography.
  • The Holy Quran’s Purpose of Life Preservation.
  • The Quran Worships (Ibadat) Manners and Ethics for Beginners.
  • Good practices for new Muslims to cultivate.
  • The Importance of Parental Respect in Islam.
  • Islam’s major and minor sins.

New Muslim converts may face difficulty in the beginning but they must know their path will always be lighted by the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah. So consolidate your light under our New Muslim and convert course and learn from the best tutors with positivity and happiness.

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