Online Quran Classes for Kids

Online Quran Classes for Kids

Give your child knowledge of the Holy Quran from an early age through our Online Quran classes for kids. Indeed, childhood is an ideal time to impart Islamic principles to children as it creates a strong foundation for them for the rest of their lives. Things kids learn at a young age stay with them forever, just like a carving on a stone, because toddlers have a sharper memory and remember things faster than adults and teenagers.

The challenge for parents is to find interesting and fun online Quran classes for toddlers who can love the Quran along with their regular studies. Hence, Baynnat Academy provides you with fun and creative learning sessions. With us, your children can learn the Quran under the supervision of professional Quran tutors who are qualified to teach toddlers in a very unique and interesting manner. Our teaching techniques are really fun and joyous and no one will find the lessons difficult or dull. Toddlers and children aged 3 to 15 can receive maximum benefits from our courses.

Now, you don’t need to search- Quran classes for toddlers near me as we guarantee you the best Quran classes for kids online. Now make your kids learn from home from the best tutors in the world and give them the gift of learning the Quran right in their childhood. Indeed, when a child learns and understands the Quran, he/she and the parents become worthy of Allah’s blessings and rewards.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

This course seeks to provide students with faultless Quran recitation with the application of tajweed and gain beautiful Qirat abilities that will touch the listener’s heart. The Quran classes for kids are focused on applying Islamic teaching and establishing little Muslims’ bonds with Allah SWT and the Holy Book of Allah.

Your children will learn to recite and remember the Holy Quran from qualified and experienced tutors in this amazing program. Every student’s development will be tracked and improved. Our students will learn the fundamentals of Quran recitation and move on to different levels to finally attain the Ijazah.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

Our excellent tutors online believe in teaching the Quran to kids right from the basics. Hence, Baynnat Academy has designed three levels of Quran classes.

  • Quran Classes for Beginners.

Online Quran courses for beginners are designed for children who don’t know how to recite the Quran. Children assigned to the Beginner level will first master our foundation course before moving to the Quran recitation and memorization courses as desired.

  • Intermediate-level of Quran course for kids.

This level will help kids in learning the Quran recitation with Tajweed. This level assists your child in mastering the entire Quran recitation with immaculate tajweed. This level covers all of the necessary tajweed and recitation usage and practice. However, to advance to the intermediate level, a child must first complete the beginner level or have prior basic recitation skills.

  • Advanced level of Quran classes for kids.

This online Quran lesson for children is intended for those who have completed the basic and intermediate levels and want to memorize the Holy Quran. This level will assist your child in memorizing the Quran, learning Qirat recitation, and gaining the ijazah.

Toddlers and kids between the age of 4-15 years will be benefited from this course.

Course Type: Online Quran kids course via Skype or Zoom

Type of Class: one-on-one or Group

Quran Classes for Kids
  • We have made Online Quran Teaching For Kids  simpler with our excellent tutors.

Our tutors are Ijazah holders and are experts in teaching the Quran to children online. Our tutors online create a healthy and loving environment that helps kids in learning more efficiently.

  • We use Innovative techniques while teaching Quran to child.

Baynnat Academy is not limited to teaching the Quran through simple books. But we use various audio-visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, animations, and slideshows to enhance the delivery of our lectures.

  • Quran classes for toddlers are designed in such a way that they enjoy the class to the fullest.

We understand that it’s difficult to catch the attention of toddlers but we make sure to create such an environment where toddlers and kids become eager to learn the Quran with all their hearts. We make them enjoy learning through puzzles, coloring the alphabet,  matching the match, and educational games

  • We reward to motivate.

We keep the motivation of kids high by rewarding them while doing good. We have exclusive digital stickers, badges, and certificates to honor them for their excellence.

  • We extend our 100% support.

Baynnat Academy provides a variety of courses at reasonable prices, making them available to people all over the world. In addition, our efficient management team and customer support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to and resolve any issues that our students and guardians may have.

  • Availability of trial classes or Free Quran classes online for toddlers and kids.

We keep nothing hidden and thus give free trial classes so that kids and their guardians can understand the whole methodologies and techniques that we use to teach.

Online Quran Classes for Kids
  • learning in an interactive manner.
  • Learning with free printable worksheets that are easy to download.
  • Practicing with quizzes, games, puzzles, and interactive techniques.
  • Revision classes of already learned lessons.
  • Learning from basic to Advanced level.
  • Learning about Islam along with learning the Quran.
  • Developing good habits and understanding sunnah.
  • Weekly reports and progress cards shared with parents or guardians.
Online Quran Classes for Kids
  • Reading Arabic confidently and fluently.
  • Learning the letter articulation points through activities.
  • Learning Noorani t or Noor Al-Bayan technique and building a good foundation.
  • Learning mixing of letters to build long phrases and eventually reading and speaking like a native.
  • Reading brief Surahs and then remembering them.
  • Preparing for Hifz of Quran (Quran Memorization)
  • Learning about the Pillars of Islam.
  • Islamic Creed, Fiqh, and Tafseer.
  • Dua and supplication.
  • Dhikr and Azkar.
  • Prophet and Sahaba stories.
Online Quran Classes for Kids
  • Learning Quran recitation.
  • Learning Tajweed and its application.
  • Quran Memorization.
  • Learning about Islam.
  • Knowing about Prophets and Sahabas.
  • Gaining Ijazah.
Online Quran Classes for Kids

Baynnat Academy helps your kids to know about the Quran and our Deen and connect with it deeply. Enroll in the Quran classes for kids today and give your child the best gift that can benefit them in this life as well as Hereafter!