Group Islamic studies classes

Group Islamic studies classes

Online group Islamic studies classes for kids and adults are a great way to learn about our Deen from the comfort of your own home.

Baynnat Academy has brought group Islamic Classes online for you with pre pre-set curriculum that makes us no less than a virtual Islamic school. The benefits of learning with us are many and are not limited to choosing your tutors, learning in specific batches with family members, and learning interestingly with the help of technology.

Online group Islamic studies classes are also a great option for kids and adults who live in areas with limited access to in-person classes. These classes provide a way for students to connect with other Muslims and learn about their faith in a supportive and inclusive environment. Additionally, online classes may offer a wider range of tutors online and classes than what is available in person. This can be beneficial for students who are looking to learn from a specific teacher or about a specific topic.

Group Islamic studies classes

Our course-based Group Classes are specifically created for people who lead busy lives but wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies at a faster pace with a time-bound course. We provide different levels under this unique course so that you can maintain your progress.

Online classes are taught in small groups by our excellent tutors, all from the safety and convenience of your own home. You learn with your family or new friends and get motivated by learning together. Another advantage of online Islamic classes for adults is that they can provide a sense of community and support among the students, which can be particularly beneficial for those who may be new to the study of Islam. Group learning can also provide opportunities for students to practice and develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, and leadership along with motivating each other.

Group Islamic studies classes

Beginner level

These classes are designed for individuals with little to no prior knowledge of Islam. They cover basic concepts and teachings of the faith.

Intermediate level

These classes are intended for those who have a basic understanding of Islam and want to deepen their knowledge. They may cover more advanced topics such as Islamic history, theology, and law.

Advanced level

 These classes are intended for individuals who have a strong understanding of Islam and want to study it in-depth. They may cover specialized topics such as Islamic scholarship, Quranic Tafseer or Commentaries, and Islamic philosophy.

Group Islamic studies classes

online Islamic classes in English with the best tutors.

We have excellent tutors who are qualified to teach Islamic studies in English globally.  They are licensed and have great experience in teaching. Also, we offer trial Classes at the beginning of the course so that you can understand it and make a decision later.

Healthy and comfortable learning environment.

Our online group Islamic studies classes are not like any ordinary class. But it has a very motivating and amazing environment that propagates the overall growth of the students.

The facility of the female-only group Islamic studies classes or family learning group.

Baynnat Academy has made sure that you learn in a sisters-only group with qualified and exceptional female tutors. Also, if many members of the same family want to Study Islamic studies online then we can also plan a customized course for your benefit.

Learn Islamic Studies at an affordable price.

We provide students with affordable learning plans. With us, you can be assured of quality in the most affordable study plan. We bring only the best for our students and in the best of their interests.

This course includes learning about:

Group Islamic studies classes
  • Quranic studies
  • Hadith and Sunnah
  • Islamic law (sharia)
  • Islamic history
  • Islamic theology
  • Arabic language
  • Islamic economics and finance
  • Islamic political science
  • Islamic philosophy and Islamic psychology

✓ Improved understanding of Islamic beliefs, practices, and rich history

✓ Increased knowledge of the Quran and Hadith

✓ Enhanced ability to engage in meaningful discussions and debates about Islamic issues

✓ Enhancement of  personality in the light of the Quran and Sunnah

✓ Creating a better society that helps in the spread of the right morals, etiquette, and manners

Baynnat Academy will help you reach the pinnacle with the best online Islamic studies course that can now be studied in groups. Contact us today or opt for the free trial classes to know more!