Quranic Arabic Course

Quranic Arabic Course

Recitation of the Quran in Arabic holds more importance than reciting the Quran in any other language. The one who knows Quranic Arabic can easily enjoy its understanding while reciting it. Can you imagine how amazing it sounds? If you want to achieve this goal then be a part of our best online Quranic Arabic course!

Indeed, the Holy Quran is the most beautiful form of guidance that Allah SWT sent for us as a blessing. And it was revealed in Arabic so that we can understand it and work according to it in our daily lives. Quranic Arabic is the classical form of Arabic that was used during the times of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). Hence, we have designed the online Quranic Arabic course so that everyone can benefit from it.

Muslims and converts who want to understand the Quran have a fantastic opportunity to learn Quranic Arabic online. This course strengthens one’s ability to speak Arabic, makes it easier to translate the Quran, increases understanding of the Tafseer, and also enhances tajweed, Quran recitation, and memorization.

Quranic Arabic Course

The Quranic Arabic is little different from Modern standard Arabic that we use today. Arabic found in the Quran, that is, the Quranic Arabic, is elegant and full of lovely and mystical terms. It is the most simple language with an infinite number of synonyms, and it is the heavenly dialect. However, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the most basic variant of the magnificent Arabic tongue. Hence, it is our duty to recite the Quran in its original tone, just the way it was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). This makes Quranic Arabic extremely important to us in the modern times.

Quranic Arabic Course

Understanding the Quran is as important as reciting it. Hence, when we designed this course, we made sure to cover the Quranic Arabic from the beginner to the advanced level. It helps our students in developing the complete learning of Quranic Arabic and reaching the highest level.

Quranic Arabic lessons are well-formed and planned throughout the course. The goal of this course is to teach the Quran in a diverse, engaging, and interactive way. Our native Arabic-speaking tutors with highest certification will assist all students who want to understand the Holy Quran in a simple and accessible way online through Zoom or Skype. This course will be flexible for all the students. This means you can learn on time and right from your home.

  • Beginner level: Learning the Quranic Arabic with the account to short Surahs such as Surah Fatiha (Surah 1) and a few other Surahs from the 30th chapter (Juz Amma).
  • Intermediate level: learning the Quranic Arabic of chapters 28(Juz Al-Mujaadila) & 29 (Juz Tabaraka) additionally.
  • Advanced level: learning the Quranic Arabic of the whole of the Quran.

The customizable study plan: The students can opt to learn the Quranic Arabic of any specific Surah and get the course customized exclusively for them.


Quranic Arabic Course

Beginner level: 40 hours (approx).

Intermediate level: 60 hours (approx).

Advanced level: 80 hours (approx).

Note: The course duration also depends on the learning capacity of the students. We focus on effective learning  of each and every student thus giving a facility of the customizable study plan to meet the exact needs of individuals.

This Quranic Arabic online is designed for all learners. Our levels are designed in such a way that they can help toddlers, kids, adults, and converts learn the Quranic Arabic with ease and comfort.

– We help you learn Quranic Arabic quickly with the help of our skillful tutors.

Our highly skillful tutors for online Quranic Arabic classes hold degrees from renowned Islamic schools in Egypt such as Al-Azhar University. Also, our tutors have developed special techniques to make learning Arabic for the Quran simple and easy for you. All our tutors can successfully instruct Muslim students from all over the world because they speak good English and can make their lessons interesting. Our Quranic Arabic teachers are proficient in multiple Islamic books that help students learn in the best possible ways.

– Interactive methods and use of technology in online Quranic Arabic classes.

We help students learn by using old methods of repeating sabaq. However, we make use of:

  • Presentation

Our expert tutors prepare presentations. It makes the lessons exciting, board-focused, and animated.

  • Worksheets

These downloadable worksheets from Baynnat academy can be utilized for practice at a later time. The exercises include word searches, fill-in exercises, meaning searches, marking the right responses, and more.

  • Audios and videos

We make use of slides, animations, videos, and audio to help students learn about the root of the words, proper grammar, and pronunciation.

  • Quizzes, puzzles, and weekly as well as monthly competition

We focus on encouraging students to learn through the fun method. Therefore, we conduct weekly and monthly quizzes, puzzles, and competitions along with the certificate and electronic badge distribution.

  • Learning through eminent books.

Our tutors encourage students to read books during the course or in their free time. It helps in expanding their understanding and sparks a desire in learning more about this magnificent language and our Holy book.

– Learn Quranic Arabic in a loving and easy environment.

Learning becomes fun when there is a good bond between the tutors and students. Our tutors, who are sufficiently experienced, take care to establish a good and motivating learning environment for all the learners where they may study with assurance, joy, and a relaxed atmosphere.

– Affordable fee structure and free trial classes!

We designed an affordable fee structure so that anybody around the world can learn the Quranic Arabic language from their home and receive its benefits.

– One-on-one and group classes.

We offer Quranic Arabic lessons in one-on-one classes as well as group classes. You can always contact our 24×7 support to know about any course and even get a customized plan for yourself.

Quranic Arabic Course

Our course is the best way of learning Quranic Arabic as through it you will learn:

  • Quranic Arabic vocabulary.
  • Pronouns and prepositions.
  • Quranic Arabic grammar.
  • The basic meaning of small Arabic words.
  • Adjectives.
  • Adverbs.
  • Root letters and meanings.
  • Pronunciation and phonetics.
Quranic Arabic Course

Baynnat Academy provides the easiest way to learn Quran Arabic through this online course. After the completion of this course:

  • You will be well versed with certain small surahs of the Quran or the whole of the Quran as per the level.
  • Understand the Quranic Arabic words.
  • Read and recognize the Quranic Arabic letters and words.
  • Connect with the Quran more deeply.
  • Understand the Quran in the right way.
  • Make your Recitation beautiful.

If you are looking to learn Arabic to understand the Quran then contact us anytime to accomplish your goal. With us, you will learn Quranic Arabic quickly and in the most amazing way that you can retain it forever.

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