How to read and learn Quran easily

When we realize the importance of the Quran in a true sense, we crave to learn Quran as quickly as we can. There are many people such as converts, reverts, or Muslims in Western countries who might not know how to read the Quran. But in the digital age, nothing is impossible! You can learn to read the Quran in a month and also learn Quran within a year! But we must always remember that it’s not about being fast, it’s about understanding its purpose. We should be eager to read and learn the Quran to gain rewards from Allah and live our lives as per the guidance presented in the Quran. To achieve this goal, we must not hasten but hey, it’s not bad to push our limits! Always remember the hadith mentioned in At-Tirmizi:

Ibn Mas‘ūd (R.A) reported that the Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) said: “Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah will be credited with a good deed, and the good deed receives a ten-fold reward. I am not saying that “ألم” Alif-Lām-Mīm is one letter, but Alif is a letter, Lām is a letter and Mīm is a letter.”

Now, let’s explore the ways to read and learn Quran easily and fast.

How to read and learn Quran easily

1-Make a strong intention to read, memorize or learn Quran.

A strong intention or niyyah plays a crucial role in facilitating our reading and learning of the Quran. When we approach the Quran with a sincere and focused intention, it aligns our hearts and minds with the divine message. This intention acts as a guiding force, keeping us motivated and committed to the process of understanding and applying the teachings of the Quran. It instills a sense of purpose and reverence, creating a deeper connection with the words of Allah. With a strong intention, we become more receptive to the guidance that we receive from the Quran, making the journey of reading and learning more effortless and meaningful.

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“And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?”

( Al-Qamar 54: Verse 32)

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2-Prepare a comfortable environment to learn Quran.

Creating a tranquil and pleasant setting, away from the distractions of cell phones, significantly aids in the ease of learning the Quran. This type of setting allows for undivided attention and focus on the sacred text. We create space for deep reflection and contemplation by turning off the constant buzzing and notifications. This tranquil setting improves concentration and absorption, allowing for a more profound connection with the Quran’s verses and to learn Quran easily. The absence of cell phones fosters a peaceful environment, promoting a sense of  spirituality, which is essential for understanding and internalizing the Quran’s teachings. It creates an ideal learning atmosphere, allowing for effortless and meaningful interaction with the heavenly words.

To learn Quran in the best environment, you can opt for a particular time. You can:

  • Read and learn Quran after the Fajr prayer
  • Read and learn Quran after the Asr prayer
  • Read and learn Quran after coming from the office/school/ college
  • Revise the Quran before sleeping

3-Start from the basics to learn Quran easily.

When we want to do something quickly, we tend to ignore the minute details. But we must remember that this is wrong, especially when we are trying to read and learn Quran easily. Beginning with the fundamentals is critical for easy studying and understanding the Quran. Hence, you must start with Noorani Qaida to get deep insights. It provides a solid foundation for Quranic study by introducing a learner to key concepts and skills. Beginning with the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, and letter recognition will help us in progressive lessons. By acquiring these fundamentals, students gain a firm understanding of the language, making reading easier and more accessible. Furthermore, beginning with the fundamentals let us become acquainted with Tajweed principles, which govern proper recitation as we embark on our journey to learn Quran. Basics are important because:

  • It consolidates the base of the beginners
  • It helps in grasping the lengthy chapter of the Quran easily
  • It helps a learner in enjoying his lessons and learning in a better way

4-Focus on the Tajweed of the Quran before heading to the big chapters.

Emphasizing Tajweed, or accurate pronunciation and recitation of the Quran, greatly benefits learning the Quran quickly and effortlessly. Tajweed is a thorough set of principles for correctly articulating each letter, sound, and word in the Quran. By paying attention to Tajweed, learners get a greater understanding of the complexities of the Arabic language, assuring proper recitation. This accuracy not only adds to the beauty of the Quranic verses but also aids in grasping their intended meanings. Furthermore, Tajweed allows for a more fluid and fluent reading experience, allowing students to learn Quran with ease. It aids in the accurate application of the laws of elongation, pauses, and stops, allowing for a more natural and rhythmic recitation.

This rhythm, in turn, promotes memorization by creating a memorable framework through recurring patterns and melodic movement.

You can learn Tajweed with the help of:

  • Online Quran Academy, offline Quran Center, or Tajweed course
  • Hiring a Tajweed tutor who is a native Arabic speaker
  • Learning through the help of the Quran applications, videos, and audio

5-Start with the shorter Surahs to learn Quran easily.

There are various advantages of learning small surahs of the Quran when reading and learning the whole of the Quran. To begin with, these shorter chapters are an ideal starting point for beginners because they are easier to memorize and grasp than lengthier chapters. Also, as learners, we  get confidence and motivation to continue their Quranic journey by understanding these surahs.

Furthermore, small surahs frequently contain key themes and messages that are repeated throughout the Quran, allowing us to understand key concepts and teachings. They provide a condensed portrayal of the greater ideas found in the Quran, allowing for a more in-depth comprehension of Islam’s key messages. Not to forget the spiritual benefits! Small surahs provide spiritual and emotional peace. They feature praise, thankfulness, and supplication verses that can be said in a variety of contexts, such as before sleep, during daily prayers, or in times of difficulty. Memorizing and reciting these surahs allows individuals to seek comfort, draw closer to Allah, and have a deeper spiritual connection with the Quran.

6-Seek guidance from professionals to learn Quran easily and fast.

Seeking feedback from professionals, such as qualified and native Arabic Quran tutors and scholars, is critical to accelerating Quran reading and learning. These experts have extensive knowledge and competence in a variety of topics of Quranic studies, such as Arabic language, Tajweed regulations, and Quranic interpretation. Their guidance ensures that learning is structured and systematic, providing learners with a clear roadmap and direction as they progress to learn Quran deeply. They can evaluate an individual’s strengths and limitations, develop personalized learning techniques, and provide personalized feedback and support. This personalized coaching speeds up the learning process by addressing specific obstacles and allowing for targeted improvement. Nowadays it is also aided by audio-visual tools and other interactive teaching techniques for better understanding.

Some of the perks of learning the Quran online are:

  • Availability of native Arabic-speaking tutors to learn Quran.
  • Tutors with Ijazah and certification from universities such as Al-Azhar.
  • Learning with the aid of technology in the most efficient way.
  • Learning from the comfort of home and with flexible timings.
  • Learn Quran with personalized attention.

7-Be constant in your practice.

8-Do not give up even when you feel to do so.

9-Always start your lessons with Bismillah.

10-Supplicate to Allah to make your learning journey easy and fruitful.

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