11 Great Benefits of Learning Quran Online.

11 Great Benefits of Learning Quran Online.

"This [Qur'an] is a clear statement to [all] the people and a guidance and instruction for those conscious of Allah."
(Aal-i-Imraan 3: Verse 138)

We all know that the Quran is not an ordinary book but the most important component for understanding Islam and acting according to it. So, we should not delay in understanding the Quran with Tajweed or recite it often. When we have made an intention to learn the Quran, we must find ways to learn it properly with the best tutors. One of the ways is to enroll in offline or online Quran classes. Let’s know the importance of learning the Quran before exploring the 11 benefits of learning the Quran online.

Importance of Learning the Quran

Learning Quran should be the prime goal of all the believers around us! Quran is the guide that helps us live in accordance with Islam. Its importance is:

  • Learning Quran helps us balance mortal life and hereafter.
  • Learning Quran helps in understanding our religion.
  • It helps in knowing about Prophets and their stories.
  • It keeps us closer to Allah.
  • Learning Quran helps in improving our Salah, Dhikr, and Azkar.
  • Quran recitation consolidates our spiritual well-being and helps an individual fight depression, anxiety, or sadness.
  • The Quran acts as an intercessor on the Day of Judgment!  (al-Jaami‘, 7329).
  • Reciting Quran makes the reciter earns many rewards for each letter during recitation (Sunan al-Tirmidhī 2910).
  • Reciting the Quran helps in gaining the company of honorable scribes. (Sahih al-Bukhari 4937).
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11 Great Benefits of Learning Quran Online

11 Great Benefits of Learning Quran Online...

Online Quran classes allow you to learn from the best tutors in the world.

How wonderful it is that you can be living in a non-Islamic country and still take the Quran classes from native Arabic-speaking teachers from Egypt! This is perhaps the most efficient feature of an Online Quran Academy or class. Also, it’s not only about comfort but you also get to learn from the best of the bests. We must know that the language of the Quran is Arabic and we must master reciting the Quran in the proper way! Any imperfect pronunciation can change the meaning of the verse. Thus, we must be very careful while reciting the Quran and should take steps to learn Quranic Arabic from native Arabic-speaking tutors to learn the most!

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Learning Quran from Ijazah holding tutors from prestigious Universities.

Learning Quran online with Ijazah-holding tutors bestows a different experience for students. And that experience helps in retaining the rules and lessons for the whole of their lives. This is how beneficial learning the Quran online with Ijazah holding tutors from prominent universities like Al-Azhar. An Ijazah-holding tutor knows the deep details of Quranic Arabic that give vocabulary as well spiritual wellness to the ones who learn from them. Hence, now with technology, it is easy to learn Quran online with details and dedication.

Availability of many options while learning Quran online

Every online Quran academy strives to be the top or be the best of the online Quran classes. They have devised many programs to come out as best. And who wins the deal in this competition? The students! They get to learn the Quran online in the best way. But before making any choice, one should thoroughly explore the academy’s website, read the teachers’ descriptions, and compare offers. Then, sign up for free trial lessons to assess the quality of their Quran courses..

Indeed, online Quran school has grown considerably in recent years. So one should make the most of it and freely opt learning Quran online!

Learning Quran online saves you time on your daily commute.

Commuting to your offline Quran classes comes with the cost of time that you need while traveling to and back. And it can be quite challenging for many people who have very little time or strict schedules throughout the day. But with online Quran classes, you can save a lot of commuting time. You can learn the Quran online in between your classes or on office breaks without having to move an inch! It saves you time and also lets you recite the Quran even when you think you have hectic schedules!

Learning Quran online from the comfort of your home.

This feature of online Quran classes is beneficial for children who don’t have to rush to their offline classes right after school. Again, it not only saves them time but also energy to continue with their daily routines after their Quran classes. Not to forget that children can learn better knowing that their guardians or parents are right by their side. Learning Quran from home is very handy for housewives and young girls too who reside in non-Islamic countries. You just need the virtual screen, a comfortable chair, or a sofa, and you are suddenly in Egypt learning the Quran from the Ijazah-holding tutors! Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

Learning Quran online according to your time cycle.

If you think different time zones will be a barrier to online learning then you are wrong! Almost all the Quran academies have managed to give freedom to students to set their timings of the classes. On top of that, students can also change their timings for individual classes that fit best into their schedule!

With learning Quran online, you get the freedom to customize your course!

If you are well-versed in Noorani Qaida, you can start with an online Quran recitation course. Not only that, if you are willing to learn certain Juz of the Quran or certain Surahs, you can get the customized course just for yourself! Another big perk of online Quran classes is that there is a special course for everyone irrespective of age, gender, or location. So, one doesn’t need to waste their time in fitting two and two!

Personalized classes help students make use of full attention and learning Quran efficiently.

Enrolling in an offline Quran center comes with a heavy cost especially if you are residing in a non-Islamic country. Also, hiring a Quran teacher is expensive in the West. As a result, online Quran learning has become more accessible and economical to everyone across the globe. Online Quran classes are excellent if you wish to avoid paying high tuition fees at offline Islamic institutes or to save on your expenses of traveling. With e-Learning, You only need an internet connection, and your class starts!

Personalized classes help students make use of full attention and learning Quran efficiently.

One-on-one sessions are one of the most distinctive. These sessions ensure that each student receives undivided attention from their allocated Quran tutor. As a result, you will have a much better Quran learning experience than in group lessons at an offline madrassa or Islamic school/center.

A one-on-one Quran lesson allows the learner to profit from the entire session duration, resulting in higher outcomes each session. In contrast to group classes, the session time will be shared by numerous students.  Also, some Academies come with the idea of 2 or 4 students per class so that siblings or cousins can study together in a healthy environment.

Online Quran classes ensure students’ safety and security.

As a parent, you must always be concerned about your children’s safety, even during educational events. You or a child might find professors at Islamic schools/centers aggressive in nature which can be intimidating. The pulling of ears, the beating with a stick, or the use of harsh words is common in some Southeast Asian countries. These behaviors may have a negative impact on students and cause them to despise learning the Quran.

Thus, learning Quran online is great for Muslim parents who want to protect their children from any type of such behavior. Your children are completely safe due to the nature of internet learning in general. Furthermore, it allows you to see and control what your children learn throughout sessions.

Online Quran classes are interesting and interactive that makes learning easy

Learning Quran online has become more fascinating and interactive as a result of improved technology. From videos depicting Quranic accounts of Prophets to games, quizzes, puzzles, presentations, and slideshows, there is every source of efficient learning for all! The student and the instructor have access to all of the interactive information that is available online. Students can access and use many educational materials and tools electronically and interactively. Hence, the student likes the learning session and does not become bored with it.


We have just learned about the importance of learning the Quran and also about how learning Quran online is truly convenient in today’s fast-moving world.

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