How to do Quran Hifz at home: 15 easy tips

Many of us aspire to begin the profound journey of Quran memorization from the comfort of our own homes. Undoubtedly, it feels difficult to begin this endeavor, yet the rewards are tremendous, providing not only personal fulfillment but also divine blessings and rewards in this world as well as on the day of judgment.

While Hifz is not required, if chosen, it should be pursued with wholehearted dedication and steadfast commitment. The difficulties of attending physical sessions might occasionally impair the learning process, resulting in lesson suspensions. So, here are some practical tips and steps that you can implement to do Quran Hifz at home!


Why is it important to do Hifz?

Whether to do Quran Hifz at home or through any other means, it’s important to realize the core benefits of doing Hifz.


  1. Preservation of the Quran:

 Hifz secures the Quran’s preservation by protecting it from tampering or loss. For millennia, this oral tradition has been a fundamental means of preserving the divine message.


  1. Spiritual Connection:

Memorizing the Quran strengthens one’s spiritual bond with Allah. It entails intense involvement with the sacred book, which results in a profound affinity with its teachings.


  1. Spiritual Benefits:

Those who memorize the Quran are given unique status and are promised enormous rewards in this life and the hereafter.

Abu Umamah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

I heard the Messenger of Allah () saying, “Read the Qur’an, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection.”

(Riyad as-Salihin 991)


  1. Personal Discipline:

It teaches vital life skills like time management and tenacity, which can be applied to many facets of one’s life.


  1. Knowledge Transmission:

Hafiz (those who have memorized the Quran) become carriers of knowledge and can transmit it to others. This is critical in propagating Islamic beliefs and values.


  1. Spiritual Protection:

For individuals who memorize the Quran, it is seen as a shield and source of protection. It gives strength and direction in times of adversity and temptation.


15 easy tips to do Quran Hifz at home

How to do Quran Hifz at home: 15 easy tips

How to do Hifz at Home?

  1. Start Quran Hifz at home with a strong and pure intention

A strong niyyah is very important as Hifz is not a simple task. Quran Hifz at home is a continuous journey. A vital part of our deen is having a pure purpose. It refers to the genuine and unselfish reason underlying one’s deeds, with the ultimate goal of seeking Allah’s pleasure and proximity. Hence, make a pure, clear intention to dedicate doing Quran Hifz at home to Allah before memorizing any part of the Quran.

  1. Planning and setting goals to do Quran Hifz at home

Setting dependable goals boosts your confidence in your ability to achieve them and protects you from disappointment. It is critical to maintain consistent progress while avoiding feeling overwhelmed. Examine your present level of online Quran memorization to see how much you can recite comfortably or how many verses or pages you can memorize without difficulty. Setting goals will ease your Quran Hifz at home journey.

  1. Decide your schedule to do Quran Hifz at home

Once you have set your goals, set a realistic schedule too. If you can give only 4 hours a week, do not try to make a schedule with 5 hours a week, thinking you can squeeze in an extra hour any day. Be clear in your schedule to do Quran Hifz at home. Any bonus time that you will get can be utilized for revision.

  1. Set your timings to do Quran Hifz at home

Setting up a particular period each day and sticking to it can help you develop the habit of doing the Quran Hifz at home.  Having a set period also allows you to mentally prepare for the memorization session.

The optimal time to do Quran Hifz at home varies from person to person because it is determined by personal preferences, energy levels, and daily schedules. We urge that you memorize after fajr. This period of tranquility and serenity allows for focused and undisturbed Quran memorization.

  1. Sit in a relaxed environment and avoid distraction while doing Quran Hifz at home

It is important to learn in a calm and relaxed environment at least in the initial days of this beautiful journey. If possible, sit in a sound-free area of your home where no noise reaches you. Also, you can mute your cell phones to avoid further distractions.

You choose a tranquil outdoor location, such as the mosque, if you have no control over distractions at your workplace. This will help you focus and cut down on the time needed for doing Quran Hifz at home.

  1. Set your lessons prehand to do Quran Hifz at home

It is important to know your syllabus before studying it. Hence, it is important to know about the number of pages or Surahs that you will be learning. As we know some Surahs of the Quran are big while others have few verses. So, make a curriculum for yourself, focusing on your strengths and previous knowledge as you start your journey of Quran Hifz at home.

  1. Learn with the same Mushaf throughout your Quran hifz at home journey

Using the same Mushaf will make you accustomed to its layout, font, and formatting. This familiarity aids in swiftly discovering and reciting the verses during the memorization process. It saves time and effort spent searching for verses, enabling you to concentrate on the memorization process.

Also, Using the same copy of the Mushaf consistently can foster an emotional relationship with the verses and the exercise of memorization. As you spend more time with the same Mushaf, it becomes a representation of your dedication and development in memorizing. This emotional relationship can provide motivation and a sense of connection to the verses, boosting the Quran Hifz at home process.

  1. Start with small Surahs or last Juz (Amma Paraa)

Beginning Quran Hifz at home with the final Juz (Paraa) is a typical and effective technique that provides various benefits to beginners. It enables people to begin their journey with shorter and more manageable verses, reducing the initial sense of worry. The final Juz includes commonly recited chapters like Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah Al-Ikhlas, and Surah Al-Falaq, making it extremely useful for daily practice. Furthermore, particular chapters in this Juz are essential to regular prayers, developing a close connection to the Quran in daily devotion. Finally, beginning with the last Juz delivers a genuine sense of accomplishment, sparking motivation to continue with Quranic memorization.

  1. Learn with understanding while doing Quran Hifz at home

It is simpler to connect with and comprehend the message when you understand the significance of the verses you are memorizing. Understanding the context, themes, and teachings of the verses fosters a stronger emotional connection to the words, making them simpler to recall.

  1. Pay attention to Tajweed

We should reflect on the purpose of our Hifz. It is to attain the closeness of Allah and create a better society around us with its guidance. And when we are serious about our target, we must pay attention to Tajweed. These guidelines aid in the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and sounds in the Quran. When you learn and use these rules, you will be able to accurately recite the verses, which is essential for memorizing. Correct pronunciation promotes memorizing by giving clear and consistent aural input, which makes it simpler to memorize the verses accurately.

There are numerous ways to improve your grasp of Tajweed rules. You can enroll in our Noorani Qaida courseto learn Tajweed right from the basic steps!

  1. Make use of technology while Quran Hifz at home

Using audiovisual aids to aid with Quran memorization can be quite beneficial. These tools combine the aural and visual senses to improve learning. Hearing accurate Tajweed (pronunciation) of Quranic passages recited through audio recordings provides an essential model for learners. At the same time, visual aids such as digitized Quranic text and translations help to strengthen learning. Videos of professional Quran reciters might help with pronunciation and rhythm. Verse repetition and visualization can greatly increase retention. Furthermore, interactive apps and online platforms provide quizzes, games, and progress tracking, making Quran learning fun and easy. Overall, audiovisual tools improve the effectiveness and enjoyment of memorizing.

  1. Rewind and Revise

While doing Hifz at home, revision is essential. It improves retention and ensures recitation correctness. Revisiting previously memorized verses on a regular basis helps to cement them in memory and prevent amnesia. Maintaining the integrity of the Quranic text is a critical part of the memorization process. Consistent revision also allows students to track their progress and find areas for growth, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding and connection with the Quranic verses being memorized.

Some Revision ideas:

    • Revision before sleeping

    • Revision between Asr and Maghrib prayers

    • Revision on Friday or Sunday

    • Revise every five days

You can also download some free test sheets or prepare one for yourself to check your grasp.

  1. Learn in Group

You can sit with your elder brother, sister, or parents and help each other in doing Hifz. It is indeed a significant approach for the Hifz at home. It creates a supportive environment in which family members stimulate one another, share insights, and work together to maintain discipline. collective sessions allow for collective recitation, correction, and accountability. It also enhances family relationships and fosters a shared spiritual experience. Learning together benefits not just individual improvement but also the overall journey, making Quran memorization a genuinely satisfying family endeavor.

  1. Hiring a Quran tutor for Quran Hifz at home

The other way to do Hifz at home is by hiring a Quran tutor who can come to your house. It may sound challenging to some but can be suitable for people living in Muslim society or near a Mosque or Islamic center. It is a practical solution for many people, especially in South East Asia where the Imam of Mosque steps ahead to help people do Hifz. If you think you lack this feature, you can also hire a Quran tutor online!

  1. Enrolling in Online Hifz Classes

 Baynnat Academy’s online Hifz sessions allow you to memorize the Quran with the help of qualified tutors from the comfort of your own home. Enroll in our complete Quran Hifz online classes now! This course gives you the opportunity to study with a team of expert Quran teachers who have experience teaching Hifz and Tajweed. They will give you personalized advice, correct your recitation, and assist you in mastering the art of memorizing.

Baynnat Academy is always ready to help you and support you in the journey of learning the Quran, Sunnah, and Arabic. You can explore our courses and be a part of our Academic family.

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